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Quality Control/R&D


Provide customer with best products. This is our principle.

Shin-Etsu Film thinks that it is most important as a material supplier to provide customers with high quality products without delay. Many products we provide require high purity and cleanliness. In order to provide high-tech material, quality control system must also be at the forefront. To respond such advanced needs, Shin-Etsu Film develops proprietary technology of quality control as well as utilizes the newest analytical equipment of the Shin-Etsu Chemical Group and has built up a management system which makes the equipment work effectively and continuously.

Shin-Etsu Film always provides stable quality products.

Shin-Etsu Film has a rigorous Quality Control system in place that checks and supervises all stages of film production.

Shin-Etsu Film has at its disposal the combined strength of the Shin-Etsu Group. This situation gives us the unique strength to meet customer needs in our product development efforts.

Ion Chromatograph

Resin Impurity measurement
(for Capacitor and Wrapping Films)

This system measures impurities of the film. Impurities have an adverse effect on the reliability and life of capacitors.
Ion Chromatograph  
Haze Meter

Haze Check
(for Capacitor Film)

The surface roughness of the PP Film is tested by two measurements: the optical properties (haze) and the space factor (S.F.).
Haze Meter  
Break Down Voltage (BVD)

BDV and Weak Points inspection
(for Capacitor Film)

Superior electric properties are critical requirements for a film material used for capacitor film.
Break Down Voltage (BDV)  
Thermo Mechanical Analyzer

Thermal mechanical properties
(for Wrapping Film)

Simulation analysis is performed to determine film behavior under actual usage conditions and the results are fed back into the production process.
Thermo Mechanical Analyzer  


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